The swifter you unveil your web site, the speedier your ideas are going to go live. Because of this ,, we have produced a good array of more than 800 complimentary layout themes which are featured in the Web Site Control Panel. You don’t need to shell out a long time searching galleries of identical designs and wishing that you’re going to acquire an original design for your website. Each of the web templates are absolutely easy to customize and are accessible with all our cloud web hosting accounts.

The themes are centered on numerous themes and actions. We offer themes that will be made for individual websites like blogs or company websites, like online shops. A lot of the templates are offered only with Web Brainz’s web hosting services, and this provides you with the opportunity to employ a completely unique style for your website.

800+ Complimentary Layout Themes

Entirely customizable. Auto Setting up

To save you time when choosing the correct appearance for your web site, we have created a range of more than 800 complimentary layout themes within the Web Brainz Control Panel. The designs are meant to address several subjects and necessities – you can find themes for individual web sites like blogs or portfolios as well as company websites or e–shops.

All of our complimentary layout themes are offered through both Web Brainz’s Web Applications Installer and also the Easy Web Site Installer. It means that you can deploy the theme you wish on a brand–new web site within seconds.

Free Website Themes

Complimentary Web app Layout Themes

Find complimentary layout themes for your forthcoming application

If you intend to create a Joomla site or possibly build a completely new Wordpress blog, there’s a simple solution available. With the Web Applications Installer, it is possible to pick a complimentary layout theme when setting up your website. Our wise system will deploy the template on your behalf and from the moment your website goes live, it will showcase the site template you have selected.

Web Brainz’s complimentary layout themes are not confined to just Joomla or WordPress. We have complimentary layout themes for Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery).

Free App Themes

Complimentary Site Builder Layout Themes

100+ entirely customizable complimentary layout themes

If you’d like to develop your personal website and save on website development, it is easy to make use of our Site Generation Application. It’s a template–based website builder that will require absolutely no HTML or CSS practical knowledge by you, and it is available for completely free with all of our cloud hosting plans.

The tool has more than 100 different styles, that you can absolutely modify to your liking. Because these complimentary layout themes were created exclusively for the site builder, there is no doubt that when you make your site, it’s going to be completely unique.

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