We grant you an intuitive Database Manager, incorporated in the Web Site Control Panel, from where you could set up brand–new MySQL and PgSQL databases directly. Also, you’re able to be in charge of their settings from the immediate access given to the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software tools.

A Well designed User interface

Take care of your databases with simply a mouse click

Overseeing your databases is simpler than ever before, as a result of Web Site Control Panel user interface for MySQL and PgSQL management! Provided you do not have extensive experience of making use of databases, it will be an easy task to work with our Database Manager.

You may create a whole new database simply by typing the username and password or create a database back–up with simply a mouse click. At the same time, from the Data Manager you will get direct access to the administrative area for each individual database, which enables you to quite easily revise it.

Hepsia File Manager

Simple and quick Database Backup

Database backups are a click away

Through the Database Manager you’re able to make an archived duplicate of your database anytime you want! For this reason, you’ll always have a back–up of your active content material if your site gets broken into or you incorrectly delete a database. To produce a backup: click on the ’clock’ image alongside a certain database and then just wait for a couple of seconds for the backup process to be completed.

There won’t be any confines on the number of databases you can back up or the amount of backups you can create for any database.

Hepsia File Manager

Support for PgSQL

Warranted safety for one’s databases

PgSQL databases are less widespread as compared to the popular MySQL databases. Nonetheless, they represent a favorite alternative for designers who are looking for the maximum protection for their web sites and apps. Through the user–friendly Database Manager incorporated into the Web Brainz Control Panel, you can administer your PostgreSQL databases with only a click of the mouse.

Yow will discover PgSQL databases included automatically inside of the advanced Linux shared website hosting packages packages. In case you are using a regular hosting package, you can request PgSQL databases to be added in your website hosting account as upgrades.

Hepsia File Manager

InnoDB Databases

The newest face of MySQL

The MySQL databases on our servers utilize the most current release of the InnoDB storage engine. InnoDB has been built to ensure the optimum effectiveness for web sites that deal with huge volumes of data. It delivers CPU performance that can not be matched up by alternative disk–based relational database engines.

InnoDB is ACID–compliant and grants complete transaction support, which means you’re able to update/insert/create/alter/drop more than once for a single "operation" of your application. Moreover, it takes advantage of row–level locking instead of MyISAM’s table–level locking, that increases multi–user concurrency and effectiveness.

Hepsia File Manager

Detailed Database Stats

Complete stats for your databases

Through the complete database stats tool included in the Web Site Control Panel, it’s possible to make a record of the stress generated by your active websites 24 x 365. Every overload difficulty with your web sites can reduce the loading speeds and have a damaging influence over the overall impression of your website visitors. Consequently, having data for the database work live, it will be easier to eliminate overload issues quickly.

The database stats user interface shows details of the quantity of daily, hourly and monthly lookups, so that you can review the way the load is distributed over different time periods.

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